We are a specialized search firm with over 20 years of experience at the intersection of education, technology and information.

HighFive was launched out of a burning desire to help Ed Tech companies find the right talent in the right places. After all, a company’s ability to thrive and succeed in a rapidly-changing industry like Ed Tech ultimately boils down to one key factor: quality of talent. We envision Ed Tech companies doing what they do best– growing their business—while we do the heavy lifting to find the needle in the haystack according to the exact specs of our clients.

Teresa Chung, Founder


Teresa combines her executive experience and people perspective to help companies unlock their full potential. She has held positions in product management, sales, marketing, and HR prior to her position at HighFive Partners. Teresa’s holistic experience encompasses hiring and managing top talent across geographies, functions, and businesses for over two decades.

Through her leadership, Teresa was globally recognized for creating a new talent pipeline and securing top new leaders of the 21st century. Her strategic work in talent acquisition and leadership development attracted the top 2% of the workforce, achieving a nearly 100% satisfaction level from executives and senior leaders over a five-year period.

Teresa is inspired by a line from one of Frost’s poems – “my object in living is to unite my avocation and my vocation.” She’s been fortunate enough to discover a profession that has been both her vocation and avocation from early on in her career. Teresa’s mission is to help others join their passions with their day-to-day roles, which brings her immense gratification.



Stacey Niermann brings to HighFive Partners a uniquely wide range of experience covering multiple industries and countries. Her very diverse background and experience includes entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, business development, PR, branding, and management. She has worked in a variety of industries and fields including Ed Tech, financial wealth management, cable television, and the music industry. In addition to her primarily working in the US, she has also worked out of Asia and England, having lived 14 years in Asia and started an educational supplies business while in Asia, which targeted and sold primarily to the UK market. Stacey holds a MBA from UCLA and has a proven track record in sales, business development, and sales management through her work with Pearson Prentice Hall, The Weather Channel, and Disney Channel.